11:20 am Tuesday, 22 September 2020

Miss Cook Island contestants 2015
1. Mariana Ngaputa
2. Natalia Short
3. Josephine Enjoy
4. Cecilia Hosking
5. Ahleesa Sosene
6. Taio Nick Mona
7. Grace Loki
8. Renii Roi
9. Tumanava Wilmott
10. Chontay Iro
11. Aloma Moore
12. Allanah Herman-Edgar

The two young actors from the Tourism Katukanga video are certainly made for television. Here they are in a candid interview at the Cafe Salsa this evening promoting their new film. Well done!

A committee made up of Cecilia Short, John Herrmann and Rohan Ellis will gather submissions from the public regarding how to possibly restructure or reshape our public service.

The students at the Creative Centre were able to increase their skill base with some kikau weaving classes this week.

About 500 people participated in the Stop Purse Seine Fishing March held on Friday 24 April 2015.

Te Ipukarea Society’s Kelvin Passfield responds to PM

The Prime Minister shares his views on purse seine fishing.

Dr. Teina Rongo explains the effects of the southern oscillation cycle, la nina, and el nino on tuna stocks.

The Maungaroa Learning Centre was also opened by the Japanese Ambassador, another project funded by the Japanese Government.

The Avana Jetty was opened today by the Japanese Ambassador. This is one of 9 projects the Japanese Government are funding in the country.